The Studio

Set in the beautiful Adelaide hills, Kyalami has an atmosphere like no other. A control room complete with the latest technology and large collection of vintage analogue equipment. In the studio with plenty of natural light, an extensive microphone collection and magnificent views you can't help but be creative!

Gear List


Avid Pro Tools HDX running on Apple Mac Pro with Thunderbolt™ 2 PCIe Expansion Chassis 

Mic Pre Amps 

Neve BA183, Chandler Limited Redd 47, Empirical Labs Mike E, Universal Audio 2-610, Avalon 737,
Focusrite Liquid 4 Pre, Focusrite mic pre's via/Control 24, Focusrite Voice Master Pro 


Teletronix LA-2A, Universal Audio 2-1176, Avalon 737, Empirical Labs Fatso, Empirical Labs Distressor,
Empirical Labs Mike E, dbx - 162 SL, Focusrite Voice Master Pro,  Yamaha GC 2020, Yamaha GC 2020BII

Roland SRV 2000, Roland DEP 5, Alesis Quadraverb, Alesis MidiVerbIII, Peavey Addverb 


Aphex Type C,  Aphex Type B, BBE Sonic Maximiser, D4 Drum Module   


Tannoy 800A Dual Concentric, Yamaha NS10m, Auratone, Behringer A500 Reference Amp

2 Track
Otari MTR10, Revox A77, Tascam 32, Tascam DA20 


Neumann U47 (Gunter Wagner), U87, KMS 105, , AEA A 840, AKG C12VR, D19, D112, C1000S, C2000B,
D440 (x4), D550,
Rode CLASSIC II, NT1000, NT1, NT1A (x2), NTK, NT5 (x2), NT3, Shure BETA 87, BETA 52A, SM57 (x3) 
SM58 (x5) Sennheiser MD441, MD421 (x2), SHOTGUN (x2) Audix D6, Audio Technica  AT4050, AT2020,
AT3060 (x2) Beyer M88 Realistic PZM Royer R121 RCA BK/5A Legacy AXIS70 (x2), AXIS80 (x2) Samson C03 
sE Electronics sE 2200A, sE 1A (x2) Studio Projects C4MK11 (x2)   


Guitars  Martin HD-40MK, Maton TE1, Maton, Maton 12, Epiphone John Lennon Acoustic, Gibson Les Paul, Rickenbacker 360, Epiphone John Lennon Casino, Fender MK Strat, Levinson Blade, Donmo Resonator, Ibanez Blade,    Cole Clark Lap Dog, Dan Electro DC59 Jimi Page reissue, Line 6 Variax, Yamaha 

Bass Line 6 5String, Profile, Washburn acoustic
Keyboards M-Audio Full Size controller, Roland U20
Amps  Vox AC30, Line 6 combo, Ampeg 2 x 12 Combo